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One Day Conference
Morning Session

Workshops & Keynote Speakers

In our first sessions:



Opening Remark: “NSERC Talent Summit 2018” (By Invitation for participants)

John Jackson – Deputy Director of the Ontario Regional Office; NSERC


Workshop : “Innovation to Commercialization by OCE”

Speaker: Ms. Rebecca Tran


Panel Discussion: “Leverage an Idea to Market or Government funding”

Moderator: Rebecca Tran

Panelists: Gina Franky
John Jackson
Dr. Andrew Pasternak


Workshop: IRAP Presentation
Speaker: Gina Franky


Workshop : “RBC Wealth Management”

Speaker: Mr. Allen Mark

10:45-11:00am Coffee Break & Networking


Panel Discussion: “Collaboration Academic – Industry”

Moderator: Dr. Amir Azhari

Panelists: Dr. Cheryl Giblon
Aditya Pai
Nick Reid

11:30-11:50am Keynote Speaker: Dr. Usha Srinivasan- MaRS Innovation

11:50-12:10pm Keynote Speaker: Parimal Nathwani- MaRS Innovation

12:15-12:45pm Lunch & Networking

 In our second session:

Welcome to Talent to Talent Conference 2018 –
An enlightening afternoon which comprises of Special Keynote speakers, Panel Discussions and Workshops.

The sessions focus on empowering participants with the knowledge and skills needed to approach Venture Capitalist, funding agencies, Angel Investors, Business Branding and Industry experts.


Opening Remark: Welcome to “Talent to Talent Conference 2018

Randall S.Becker– Author & CEO of Nexbridge Inc.

Nasim Seifi – President of Canadian Society for Entrepreneurship and Innovation(CSEI)


Keynote Speaker: Sean Conway- Distinguished Visiting Professor at Ryerson and Public Policy Advisor
Title: “ Your education, your employment, and your future: What Are The Prospects? “

1:30 -2:00pm
Panel Discussion: “Secret of Fundraising: Finding the Right Funding Model”

Moderator: David Bowden

Panelists: Dr.Nicola Urbani
Katie Robinson
Leslie Bone
Dr.Saeed Babaei


Workshop: “Hands on with Intellectual Property – Understanding what IP can mean for your Startup”
Speaker: Isi Clauder

2:30 – 2:45 pm Coffee Break & Networking


Panel Discussion: “Overcoming the Challenges of Business, Start-up, Industry & Academic”

Moderator: Reneta Johanson

Sarmad Ibrahim
Dr.Emad Nasrallah
Emeka Onuoha
Randall S.Becker

3:20-3:30 pm

Speaker: Devon Franklin “Navigating the Trade Ecosystem: New Portal Overcomes the Barriers for Businesses”

3:35-3:55 pm


Manpreet Kaur: Pitch Your Way to Success – The Perfect Recipe for a Winning Pitch


Title: “The State of Canada’s Entrepreneurial Economy”
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rafik Loutfy – Director, Centre for Engineering, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

4:20- 4:40pm

Workshop: “The 5 Definitive steps to build your competitive edge in the Marketplace”

Speaker: Murali Murthy


Workshop: Beyond Basic Business Banking by RBC

Speakers: Katie Robinson, Manager Business Markets RBC
Sam H-Oshaghi, Business Account Manager RBC
Jane Song, Business Account Manager RBC

5:15-5:30 pm
Speaker: Reneta Johnson
Title: Disruption. Globalization. How to survive and thrive in the modern business world.

Keynote Speaker”: Mr. Michael Parsa
Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation & Trade (Small Business)

Speech Title: Ontario’s Open for Business

5:30-7:30pm Cocktail Reception & Networking