Dalton Pharma Services
Pharmaceutical Drug Industry Expert


Dr. Chin has been in the pharmaceutical drugs industry for 17 years after his Ph.D. studies at MIT. He has work in multiple chemical companies in the US and Canada in the drug discovery space. He has been involved in production of chemicals for drug discovery up to production of pharmaceuticals. He has worked on scales from milligrams to half a ton.

His is most proud of his experience at Dalton Pharma Services, where he helped develop a Flow Chemistry Program, by finding the talent and funding for the program. This program in a combination of chemistry and chemical engineering, and requires close collaboration of two related disciplines. It highlights the challenges in commercialization of a new technology. Flow chemistry is a growing tool in chemistry that is readily available but not widely deployed. It is a classic case of a new technology looking for a problem to solve. A chemist can come up with creative problems that Flow Chemistry can solve, and by working with an engineer closely, this team can implement the solutions that provides productivity and safety gains.

Skills and Career Highlights

17 years of industrial experience in organic synthetic laboratories
Drug impurities, metabolites, stable isotope reference standards, natural product extraction, building blocks, synthetic peptides, nucleosides, etc.
12 years of experience as chemistry group leader (largest group – 10 chemists)
Writing and reviewing Production Batch Records
Supervised scale up of products to kilo scale and into the pilot plant
Developed a production Flow Chemistry Program at Dalton Pharma Services
Experience with reactors (400L); bioreactor (10L); high-pressure reactor (20L), rotovapor (100L); centrifugal hydro extractor (100L); vacuum Nutsche filter (50L)


Ph.D. Chemistry, M.I.T. (1993-2000)
Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Stephen L. Buchwald and Dr. T. Alan Hatton.

B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Toronto. (1989-1993)