Sathish Bala

Sathish Bala

Investor, Entrepreneur

0+ years** Digital Strategist, Digital Creative Director, Product Specialist, Innovator, Entrepreneur & Speaker.

I have been working with clients and stakeholders on identifying business challenges that range from growth, innovation, operational efficiencies and new market penetration for the past 20 years. Specifically, over the last 12 years, I built a turn-key marketing and digital agency from the ground up and sold it in 2016. Notable clients included McDonald’s, FORD, Cadillac Fairview, Quickbooks, Canada Basketball and Fallsview Casino.

As strategy lead, my role was in engaging with client teams, stakeholders and select customers to understand gaps and future state for the brand .. than conducting my own research, competitive review and trends, to develop a strategy to meet current and long-term business needs. The strategy I would create usually led the other teams in creative, technology and marketing tactics. In some cases, clients will execute in-house and in some cases, we would execute as their agency.

As a serial entrepreneur, I love finding new problems to solve, building teams who outperform expectations, developing deep-rooted relationships with partners and clients and challenging my own fears through the businesses I develop. As a computer science major in the late 90’s, I have been fortunate to be growing up in the ‘digital’ world. My passion to understand human connection/behaviour and the ability for digital to enhance our lives pushes me daily to do what I do.

I am also an investor in early-stage companies and mentor at Ryerson’s Science Discover Zone.

In between all the madness, I spend time with 2 little ones and make music in my studio .. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing ideas, exploring global challenges and developing new solutions.

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